Real Estate Office Safety & Security Seminar 28 July 2015, Saskatoon,SK.


Thank you to Mr.Jason Yochim CEO; Mr.Trevor Schmidt COO and all the office staff at SRAR for inviting us in to present a safety and security presentation.  We look forward to providing further training and consulation services to the SRAR.

“The presentation was great! It was refreshing that you guys were able to tailor your presentation to our line of work and go with the flow.  We learned valuable tips on how to asses situations around us.  We plan to use 2J2 in the future for training of our members, Thank you.”                         Marie Hjelte, Executive Assistant SRAR


Self Defence for Teens and Parents Session, 29June2015

5 star out of 5.                                                                                                                         We had Joel and Leon do a special session for parents and teens on self defence. Everyone should know some basics and I have to thank both Joel and Leon for making it fun and easy to learn. I think the emphasis on keeping fit is excellent. I would very highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn a bit of self defence. Both men are leaders and very knowledgable in their field. Thank you to both of you!                               Paula Ghiglione —Saskatoon,Sk